Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coconut Shake Klebang


Coconut shake


People queuing to get their coconut shake
Are you thirsty? You want something to quench your thirst? Well we have a great news to share with you people. Coconut Shake Klebang is one of the famous spot in Malacca as the serve the best coconut shake in town. a mixture of coconut drink and vanilla ice cream might sound weird but so trust us because once you get your first glass, you may ask for the 2nd or the third one.

The coconut shake is made of fresh coconut juice and ice cream and it is located in Klebang. This very small coconut shake stall is built at the road side where many people will stop by and get their favourite coconut shake. The cost of each glass is very cheap which is from RM1.80-Rm2.20. The milky and wonderful taste has make the stall is not only popular to the local, but the tourist as well.

So people, don't be surprised if you see a huge amount of people queuing along the road side just to get the coconut shake. Besides, Coconut Shake Klebang also serves many kinds of drink as well such as fresh sugar-cane juice which will only be processed when the customers demand for it. As the stall is completely full of people, you can also take away the drinks. As simple as that and the taste is definitely the same.

The owner of the stall, Shafie Ahmad, 47, said, he had started this business since 5 years ago and never thought that his small business would be famous. Being humble, Mr Shafie said that he never had any secret recipe for his coconut shake. Just coconut juice, ice cream and there you go.

So what are you waiting for people, go grab your first glass and tell us what you feel (:


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